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MyTwoCensus Exclusive: Identity Theft, Scams, and the Census Bureau

Thanks to reporter Larry Collins at NBC affiliate WCBD in Charleston, South Carolina for tipping us off to potential problems with sinister individuals posing as census enumerators. In the view of, the main problem here is that enumerators’ ID badges look unofficial, can be forged easily, and lack photo identification. Thus, since there are 1.4 million Americans who have been/will be hired to work as census takers, it’s highly likely that a workers’ badge has been/will be stolen or copied to use for criminal activities such as identity theft and fraud.

We’ve already sent our inquiries to the Census Bureau to find out they provide workers with ID badges that can be forged so easily…Don’t worry America, we’ll get to the bottom of this!

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7 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Exclusive: Identity Theft, Scams, and the Census Bureau”

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  3. Mary Pritchett Says:

    Census employee’s ID numbers are not written on their ID badges. The identification looks bogus and only ‘permanent / management’ employees have their photograph on them.

  4. Scott Says:

    What people need to do is not open the door to people claiming to be from the Census Bureau. I was thinking of making my own Census ID to show anyone knocking at my door to prove anyone can claim to be from the Bureau. But I’m afraid that I would be arrested for doing that.

    Needless to say, my door isn’t going to be opened for anyone claiming to be from that office.

  5. Neal Says:

    I was recently hired by the census, and was kind of surprised by the ID given us. It is a simple card with no photograph, and with my name filled in with a marker. It looks like the kind of thing you could easily make at home. While I understand that computers now allow crooks to make even photo ID badges pretty easily, it is crazy to make the job so simple for them. About the only defense that the housholder really has is to demand a name and nunber of the local office and then call them for verification. I suspect that a part of the half-assedness of this, is beacause the field offices only do this once every ten years, and have to get it all done relatively quickly with a very small permenenat staff.

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  7. Katrina Says:

    I wanted to know what measures did the census worked on to remedy the problem… Forging is becoming a common problem and we have to admit that they are so brilliant in forging thing especially IDs. What is so annoying is that they really take advantage of it.