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Michele Bachmann Doesn’t Slow Down Her Census Protests

Michele Bachmann, the darling of Minnesota, is at it again.

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2 Responses to “Michele Bachmann Doesn’t Slow Down Her Census Protests”

  1. Ignatius Says:

    Rep. Bachmann is zeroing in on a “fat” target, the American Community Survey (ACS).

    People didn’t like the 2000 Long Form, and the ACS is the same question set with a few more questions added.

    Part of the Census Bureau’s rationale for the ACS is that a smaller sample just wouldn’t attract the same sort of attention / public outcry.

    Just like the 2000 long form, about 50% of people mail back this “mandatory” survey. Another 10% are interviewed over the phone. Of the 40% remaining, enumerators attempt to make face-to-face visits to 1/3rd of these. (The CB’s claim of a 96% response rate for ACS is border-line fraudulent as they get to this number through “imputation”.)

    It doesn’t appear that the population likes the ACS any better than they liked the 2000 long form.

    Bachmann is attempting to surf this wave. Every month she gets a new batch of potential supporters as many people who receive the ACS are shocked by its intrusiveness and unswayed by the argument that all this information serves a legitimate Government purpose.

  2. Predohrie Says:

    I’ve never gotten a “28 page” census survey. What is she talking about?