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MyTwoCensus Editorial: 2010 Census Partners Google and YouTube Should Remove Propaganda Video Immediately

When you search for “census” on YouTube, the first video that appears is by some nutcase named Jerry Day (representing some obscure outlet called Matrix News), who doesn’t have his facts straight and inaccurately describes Census Bureau procedures. This video has nearly two million views. It spouts many lies, as well as very biased statements. (Part of the problem is that the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office wouldn’t speak to him on the phone, but I’ll save that criticism for another day…)

Google and its subsidiary YouTube  should remove this video immediately. It is more shocking that these organizations are enabling this nonsense, because they have already created a partnership with the Census Bureau. At the very least, it should not come up  so frequently in searches. The video likely only gains more and more viewers because it is the first video that appears on searches. The Census Bureau’s communications department (including Steve Jost and Stephen Buckner) as well as Census Director Dr. Robert M. Groves,  have failed in that they have not pressured Google to remove this video. Yes, Jerry Day is entitled to freedom of speech, but his reporting is full of lies, so Google, a private company, should not be propagating this anti-2010 Census propaganda.

Here’s a screen capture of a typical YouTube search:

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3 Responses to “MyTwoCensus Editorial: 2010 Census Partners Google and YouTube Should Remove Propaganda Video Immediately”

  1. Steve Jost Says:


    First let me correct Jerry Day’s false statements that Census PIO staff did not cooperate with him. In fact, you can hear the voice of our press person on the phone in the video in question. We did respond via email to more than 30 questions he posed to us when he contacted our office last October. (Yes, that long ago.) We have posted these facts on his web site and even posted a video in response, and in every case Mr. Day removed our comments or video within hours.

    We worked with other third parties to correct the record on Mr. Day’s misstatements, including most prominently the very respected in this post they did on March 18th:

    Finally, we let YouTube officlals know of the misstatements in Mr. Day’s video and that he was removing our posts and clarifying video. We understand their position not to censor content, and just wanted to be sure they knew the full story, and now you have it too.

  2. JAG Says:

    “who doesn’t have his facts straight and inaccurately describes Census Bureau procedures.”

    Hmmmmmm……….sounds like this site!

  3. Will Says:

    Could Mr. Jost provide the responses to Mr. Day to Stephen, so he could publish them here if possible? Also, is the video response still on YouTube, and if so, could we get the link?

    Mr. Day is badly misinformed, perhaps maliciously so, and he is doing a lot of damage with that YouTube video. It’d be one thing if he was just a lone kook with only a few thousand hits, but as SRM notes, he’s one of the first things that comes up in YT when you type in “census”.