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Some tips for identifying a Census worker

Concerns about identifying Census enumerators aren’t new on MyTwoCensus, and we’ve even posted news of a tragic incident that might have been prevented if certain information had been more widespread. Fortunately, the Daily River Front Times had a Q&A session with the Census Bureau on just that subject:

1.Q. How to identify an official Census taker?

1.A. An official Census taker will have an official ID badge with their name, expiration date and the U.S. Department of Commerce logo on it. They will have a “Your Answers Are Confidential Information Sheet” (Form D-1 (F); may be carrying a black canvass bag with the U.S. Department of Commerce logo; and they will provide their supervisor’s contact information or the number to the Local Census Office for verification, if asked. Census takers will also have a Language ID Flashcard with 35 languages.

2. Q. Will a census taker ask to come inside someone’s home?

2. A. No.

3.Q. Will a Census taker ask for my Social Security number or bank information?

3.A. No, a Census taker will not ask for Social Security numbers or for bank information.

4.Q. If a resident sent in their Census questionnaire, can they still receive a visit from a Census taker or a phone call from the U.S. Census Bureau?

4.A. Yes, if a resident’s questionnaire was received by the Census Bureau after the deadline for Complete Count Door-to-Door Follow Up, they will likely be visited by a Census taker during Door-to-Door Enumeration. The Census Bureau also conducts quality control as a part of the 2010 Census so a resident could be contacted during quality control operations. The Census Bureau asks for the public’s cooperation during these operations.

5.Q. What does a Census taker do if there is no one at home?

5.A. A Census taker will leave a Notice of Visit (Form D-26), with their name and phone number or the phone number to the Local Census Office. This way the resident can contact the census taker or the Local Census Office to arrange a convenient time to be interviewed.

6.Q. How many times will a Census taker visit a house?

6.A. A Census taker will make at least three visits at different times of the day in an effort to interview a resident of the home.

7.Q. What does a Census taker do if he or she cannot speak to someone at the home after several attempts?

7.A. A Census taker will try to locate a person with knowledge about the house and its occupants such as a neighbor, a landlord or a property manager in order to get as much information as possible to complete the Census questionnaire.

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10 Responses to “Some tips for identifying a Census worker”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Thank you for posting this reminder. This information is for the public’s safety as well as each Census employee out in the field.

  2. Embarressed Says:

    Tips for Identifying an Office Census Worker

    1. Dark circles under eyes – Working midnight – 8:30 am on a system usually not available during that shift
    2. Missing patches of hair – caused by frequent bouts of frustration due to lack of reliable computer system
    3. Purple bruise on forehead – attributed to uncontrollable head banging on desk
    4. Industrial size container of Tums on desk – due to unobtainable production goals on a POS operation system

  3. victor Says:

    Haha, it sounds like you’ve had a pretty interesting experience.

  4. CLA Dave Says:

    If you think it might not be a real census worker, ask them what “nar-foo” means. :)

  5. AnonLCOM Says:

    NRFU…sounds a lot like SNAFU!

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Also look for a zombie like body.

  7. Ex-IT Says:

    Fake Census workers probably have badges that look more official than real Census badges.

  8. CLA/EN Says:

    I always thought are badges were about the fakest thing ever. So easy to replicate.

  9. Anonymous Says:

    Legit Census Workers have badges, Census bags, binders, materials …. that fall apart in the rain!

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Attention all Enumerators. Rules will be changed every Tuesday and Friday. It’s Friday let’s change the rules again.