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Census worker takes a stand

You’ve heard about Census workers running into trouble on the job – shotgun trouble, perhaps – but it’s refreshing to hear news about someone who realized he has the law on his side. From southern New Jersey’s Courier-Post:

A 2010 Census worker is pressing charges against a Mount Laurel resident after the apparently irate resident smashed the worker’s cell phone, police said.

The census worker filed a complaint at the township police department after a May 15 confrontation with occupants at a home in the 4500 block of Fenwick Lane, police said.

The census worker told police that a resident at the home refused to answer survey questions. The resident’s son then confronted the census worker, grabbed her cell phone and smashed it on the ground.

Police are investigating the matter.

One Response to “Census worker takes a stand”

  1. CLA Dave Says:

    Now we wait to see if the census worker gets fired for reporting something she saw.