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Census Bureau employees flown in/brought to your area from another region?

During address canvassing operations in Fall 2009, MyTwoCensus learned that individuals were flown from North Carolina to New York and from Georgia to Florida to assist with 2010 Census operations. In the midst of the recession, when unemployment was ridiculously high and people could be hired very easily in ANY part of the USA, the Census Bureau felt it necessary to pay the travel costs, hotel expenses, per diem, salaries, and food costs of workers who were not working where they lived. MyTwoCensus has received anonymous tips that this wasteful practice is still taking place. Please let us know in the comments section if you know where and when this has occurred. Thanks!

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19 Responses to “Census Bureau employees flown in/brought to your area from another region?”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Yes, this practice still takes place as we speak.

  2. AnonLCOM Says:

    Maybe these people are considered “good workers”. The amount of unemployed people that apply for the census jobs that are lazy, ignorant, have NO work ethic, or feel entitled to a job is STAGGERING! And that’s not taking into account the people of this country we are suppose to be counting. But I realize it’s just a cross section of what this county has become. Sad.

  3. PissedPennsylvanian Says:

    I know from experience during the 2000 Census operations, workers were brought in from State College, PA area to work in surburban Philadelphia just to bring the NRFU back up to speed in Montgomery County–hotel room costs fully reimbursed and per diem granted and all that…

  4. LCO-AM Says:

    Where do you think the area managers came from?


    Do the research

  5. Former AMFO Says:

    Re: LCO-AM …..Wherever they came from they’re worthless.Most have never managed in their lives. They are only errand boys (or girls) for the RCC. They line is basically get it done our way or get fired !!

  6. NYWest Chaos Says:

    My crew leader confirmed that “regional techs” were in the office to fix the “P-Box” (his words…NOT mine!); and that they will be running the system 24 we’ll have TONS of work next week. Sure…next I’d like to sell you the Brooklyn Bridge….

  7. Anonymous Says:

    To NY West Chaos: Same in the middle of the U.S.

  8. censusless in seattle Says:

    There are no binders to work on. CL has asked everyone to work maximum hours this week without binders?!!!

    Census workers being brought in from other areas unlimited expenses. Replacement enumerator training classes are still continuing this week. Nothing makes sense. Where is the money coming from? Other workers are the “favorites” of outside LCO/RCC offices – it doesn’t mean they are the best workers.

  9. Sherry Says:

    I’m in North Carolina, and I was told last night that there were no new binders available for me. So I have about a dozen places in my existing binder which appear to be vacant to visit from now until another binder is available. Hopefully I’ll get an opportunity to visit New York!

  10. LCO-AM Says:

    Even though we are only allowed 4 or 5 at a time MAX in pcbocs, we’re required to have a minimum of 10 clerks on hand at all times. “It is OK if they want to bring books and read”.

    Overall, I bet we have nearly 30 clerks with 1/3 of them actually having any work to do.

    One manager tried to let some go home or leave early, the next day he was told they had to stay, “just in case” we had a visit from the RCC or the miracle of all miracles occurred and pbocs actually became fully functional.

  11. LCO-AM Says:

    I do think everyone is doing the best they can with what they have.

    What the upper management at the RCC and above level have done is drive a huge wall between themselves and the LCO’s. The RCC managers and above have absolutely none, zero, zippo credibility anymore, and they act like the great apes beating their chests in fearsome acts that are – fearsome, so it is effective, but that’s all they really have.

    What ever happened to the days of positive motivation?

  12. end the census Says:

    How long will Americans just shrug their shoulders and look the other way, while their money is wasted on this ridiculous charade?

  13. NRFU enumerator Says:

    Kansas City RCC

  14. AxionJackson Says:

    If you think it’s “easy” to hire people on the spot at any time for the Census work, you are sadly mistaken about even the most rudimentary facts of how the Census is required to operate. And how they have to do things that save money.

    of course there’s a bureacracy involved and people have to go thru a process before they get hired. If they haven’t taken the test, they can’t be hired, for example. That’s why when local offices fall down on the job w/ poor hirings, it’s far more cost effective to bring in experienced crews than hire someone from scratch.

    You know nothing about how local offices actually operate, how gov’t agencies have to follow the laws in hiring, or how the real world works.

  15. Truth Says:

    AxionJackson, you are correct on so many levels. Even people who have served on more than one decennial census still do not know everything there is to know about all the workings and multiple moving parts there are to mobilize several hundreds of thousands of temporary, part-time workers, nationwide, and to ensure they were all trained the same way, about the same time, and to meet the deadline of delivering numbers to the President.

    Even before that, how about establishing 12 Regional Census Centers and 494 Local Census Offices, nationwide, and all that entails. Anybody ever buy or build a house before? Try leasing 506 offices, through GSA no less, contructing offices, getting them supplied and wired for work; oh and don’t forge to ensure you follow all the federal acquisition and leasing regulations. Oh and did I mention that you can’t start early; no, you only get funding at the very last minute. That’s right, your budget is about nonexistent during the off years, but some how, even though you are under funded during the non-decennial years, we want you to be able to implement and test the latest and greatest systems, training, and programs to be robust enough to work across the country during peak ops.

    Stop whining people; you knoweth not what you whinith about! We all have a job to do; do it the best you can.

  16. TR Says:

    LCO-AM: “It is OK if they want to bring books and read”.

    That’s really nice! I remember when I was on help desk during Address Canvassing… after the first few weeks it was insanely boring, so I’d bring in a magazine to keep me occupied between calls. Then we get a memo from the RCC “no outside reading material”. Luckily that rule only applied when an RT (aka “f’ing spy”) was around. It’s like they don’t actually understand how the jobs work…

  17. Really Annoyed Says:

    My CL is a ridiculous idiot. I am the fastest and most accurate worker on my team, not denied by him. Yet today without telling me he took my work from me and gave it to a woman who he has the hots for. She on the other hand sits in her car resting for hours at a time because she has aches and pains, she has the highest error rate and is one of the slowest workers. I am so pissed. I think if he doesn’t have another assignment for me in the morning I am calling his boss to file a complaint. My complaint will be the forth that has been filed against him, yet he still has a job. Why weren’t these people screened better in the first place? I was called to be a CL last year because I had a perfect score but was traveling at the time and couldn’t report. I seriously doubt they had a shortage of people willing to work who were qualified yet I have people on my crew right now who can barely read their EQ. The census is total debauchery.

  18. anonymous Says:

    CL told us to contact police for name, DOB, number of people living in a household …. Is this true?

    Census info is not an emergency.

  19. A.B Says:

    No, not at all, you’re supposed to tell your CL if you have any problems or visit more than 6 times without conducting interview