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Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves lies (again)

UPDATE: For those people who are arguing in the comments section, Groves, in his prepared remarks, which can be found at the following link on page 1, stated that the ad campaign has been completed:

At his most recent press conference (on June 2nd), Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves stated that the Census Bureau had completed its 2010 Census advertising campaign. Yet, yesterday, it was reported that the advertising campaign is ongoing in Mississippi:

JACKSON, Miss. (AP) – The U.S. Census Bureau will increase its advertising efforts in the poverty-stricken Mississippi Delta to encourage people to respond.

Census Bureau director Robert M. Groves said Tuesday the agency is committed to a complete and accurate count of area’s population.

The Census is conducted once every 10 years and helps determine how millions of federal dollars are spent. Officials use the updated population figures to reconfigure lines for districts in the U.S. House, the state House and Senate and for local offices such as county supervisors.

Graves met in Jackson last week with several groups concerned about an accurate count in the Delta, including Southern Echo and the Sunflower County Parents and Students Organization.

To Census Bureau officials reading this: Is the advertising campaign really complete?

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17 Responses to “Census Bureau Director Robert M. Groves lies (again)”

  1. Enumerate this Says:

    Jesus Christ. Stop with the “so and so LIES” stuff. You seem like a smart guy. The tinfoil hat stuff diminishes your credibility.

    In this case, the advertising operations are largely concluded. But I would expect a reserve to be kept open for contingencies like this. Does this make sense to you? Does this seem reasonable to you?

  2. nerfoo Says:

    I just read through the 6/2 transcript and can find no mention of the advertising campaign being ended. Now, I’ll admit that I just scanned it quickly, so I may have missed it. If I did, can someone point it out to me?

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Here you go nerfoo. I think it is ongoing.

    “One of the things that in the field has been extremely helpful and indicative of where we are now is the relationships that we established with thousands and thousands of partner organizations. The awareness they helped us create in the public, the willingness to open the door, to be part of the census, that is very, very important for us in the field. And we are still working with our partner chief of staff, we are still working with our partners and that message is getting out, which is one of the reasons why we feel that the progress is so positive, so different from past censuses.

  4. kj Says:

    I agree with “Enumerate this” – this blog has so much potential to highlight real issues and real successes regarding the 2010 Census. But if everything that comes out of the Census Bureau’s mouth is part of a larger conspiricy, it diminishes the real problems and ignores what is good about the census.
    The information I received from the Census Bureau is targeted marketing will continue in areas where there continues to be a need, but the mass marketing is over.

  5. anonymous Says:

    Thank you Stephen and My Two Census Journalists! :)

  6. Laney Says:

    I agree with KJ and Enumerate This. My Two Census could have been a great blog, showcasing both the bad and the good. I know that there is some mismanagement, and that things aren’t going 100% swimmingly. However, it’s devolved into calling people liars, blowing incidents out of proportion, and creating scandal where there is none. Why would you call Mr. Groves a liar? He admitted that the Census Bureau could have done some things better in 2010 (getting the word out to people with PO Boxes that they wouldn’t be receiving a form in the mail, changing the hiring process after mistakenly hiring a sex offender, fixing problems with the paper based system, etc.)

    Groves related how the NRFU is ahead of schedule and under budget. Where’s your story about that? I read the entire press conference, and perhaps I overlooked it, but I didn’t even see Groves remotely address the advertising campaign, so Mr. Morse – where are you getting the idea that he said it was over? Like anonymous said, he mentioned the Census community partners, but I do not believe he was referring to advertisements when he said this. So…of what do you speak? Community organizations that are trying to get the word out about the Census are completely different from paid advertisements on TV and the radio.

  7. JAG Says:

    This site has proven once again that if you can’t find something you’re after, make something up!

  8. GS-X Says:

    The “Prepared Remarks of Robert M Groves” dated June 2, 2010 say

    “Our advertising campaign has been completed; there are fewer partnership events promoting the census.”

    You might even find this document on MTC.

  9. JAG Says:

    The prepared remarks weren’t read at the press conference according to the transcript that MTC links to. SRM says Groves said it at the press conference. That makes SRM a LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. GS-X Says:


    Here is the link from a June 2, 2010 post.

    You need to spend more time reading this excellent blog!

  11. JAG Says:

    Actually GS-X, I followed the links provided by MTC to for the actual transcript of the press conference. According to MTC, Groves made this statement at the press conference. Again, as stated above by other posters, he did not say anything about completing the ad campaign at the press conference.

    You might want to read the blog and follow the links yourself to better understand.

  12. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    read the prepared remarks and find your answers – page 1

  13. BM Says:

    I think GS-X is the mother of Mr. Morse.

  14. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Unfortunately my mother isn’t interested in the census.

  15. GS-X Says:

    How did it happen that there was advertising money left over for this late campaign in Mississippi?

  16. Enumerate this Says:

    @GS-X: One word: CONTINGENCY. Standard practice. Seriously, how much money do you think we’re talking about? Some billboards and maybe some extra $ for partnership materials (key chains, T-shirts) in fucking Mississippi. $10,000? $25,000?

    This is like Nike announcing the end of their “Just do it” campaign and then discovering that they’re still handing out Bo Jackson headbands in Peoria, Ill.

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