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A rumor grows in Brooklyn

Latest Update:

I currently work at Brooklyn LCO 2225. I read on your blog (in the comments section) that someone stated that Jenny Ortiz-Bowman was among the two people fired recently from our office for helping with the faslification. This is untrue. Ms. Ortiz-Bowman has not worked in our office in months and was not part of the falsification of EQ’s. That was someone else. It was the manager who took Jenny’s place, Sonya Merritt, who got fired last week. Jenny was not part of it. In fact, she got fired months ago because she did not want to rush her operation and wanted to do things right.


1. Subject: bed bug infestation

Message Body:

rumors aren’t the only thing growing in brooklyn.  at lco 2226, the staff in the admin department are all sitting on plastic covered chairs.  the exterminator brought in the bug sniffing dog and confirmed their department is infested with blood sucking bed bugs.  you can’t make this up!

2. From the comments section:

“Let’s put names to these two losers….Mr ALVIN AVILES and MS JENNY ORTIZ – BOWMAN…..supervised by AREA Manager MS DARLENE LOPEZ…let the games begin LOL”

Any truth to this submission?

Subject: Brooklyn LCOM fired for falsifying EQ’s

Message Body:
At the RCC rumors are flying about an LCOM in Brooklyn that was fired for falsifying EQ’s, payroll and D-291′s.  Please investigate

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49 Responses to “A rumor grows in Brooklyn”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Rumors do not get started on their own …. I’m sure there is truth to this rumor.

    CLs and CLAs in other LCOs have also done the same.

  2. Anonymous Says:

    Why don’t YOU investigate?

  3. sadbuttrue Says:

    it’s not a rumor. Grove was there yesterday (LCO2225)

  4. sadbuttrue Says:

    the LCOM and the AMFO are both out

  5. sadbuttrue Says:

    misuse of data. not surprising since there has been such extraordinary pressure to complete the forms. now they will have to redo 20,000

  6. sadbuttrue Says:

    enumerators and others had contacted the inspector general

  7. anonymous Says:


  8. pranita veeria Says:

    Let’s put names to these two losers….Mr ALVIN AVILES and MS JENNY ORTIZ – BOWMAN…..supervised by AREA Manager MS DARLENE LOPEZ…let the games begin LOL

  9. EnumeratorInHeels Says:

    I’m not surprised they should check the count in the five boroughs especially in Manhattan where they shipped people from Queens and Hudson County to complete NRFU. I mean how do you get census information if you can’t even get into the building? What do you do proxy it from the lobby?

  10. MotleyCrewLeader Says:

    Has anyone checked Harlems record? The area FOS left chaos in his wake by not turning in several hundred EQs and then quitting before getting confronted. His Crew leaders falsified payroll for weeks on end collecting paychecks while acting as if they where working. The replacement FoS and Crew have done good job cleaning up the mess left. At some estimates there are a thousand adresses not accounted for. NOT a rumor.

  11. SexyOfficeClerk Says:

    MotleyCrewLeader which office is this and what is this FOS’s name?

  12. R.K. Says:

    sadly, i was not expecting this. it’s unfortunate that they pushed for speed over accuracy.

    is it true that their is a bonus in regards to finishing quicker or saving money? what percent is that?

    i keep hearing people from 2000 got HUGE bonuses…

  13. Anonymous Says:

    I hope everyone understands that these are rumors that need to be confirmed.

  14. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @Anonymous – They have pretty much been confirmed…

  15. pranita veeria Says:

    Let’s take our heads out of the sand…or in some cases our asses…they ARE true!!!

  16. Anonymous Says:

    @Anonymous – They have pretty much been confirmed…

    @SRM – I see nothing to support your claim. BTW only having only one source is probably not good for your case that anything is true…do a dictionary lookup on gossip, hearsay, opinion, libel, slander

  17. JustAClerk Says:

    Slander’s when you say it, libel’s when you write it, gossip’s what LCOs run on and there are 14 categories of court-admissable hearsay. I’m pretty sure bedbugs don’t have opinions.

    But hey, our office has mold.

  18. Anon 23 Says:

    Its true, NY has brought in some partnership people to run that brooklyn office. Hey partnership is finished, they still need jobs!

  19. W Says:

    My personal experience with the Census Bureau is that it is yet another government run fiasco, which makes me wonder what my life under Obamacare will be like. I will probably die finding out.

    I completed my training on a Friday, and was told that I would be called over the weekend and told where to report for work on Monday. Monday turned into Tuesday, Tuesday turned into Wednesday…… and finally, after a visit to the office (which looked to me like a junior high school cafeteria at lunch time – in look and demeanor) I got a call 7 weeks later asking if I could begin work the following morning.

    I reported for work the next morning only to learn that there was no work for me. But I was sent out anyhow, with 2 other enumerators, on about 20 cases, all of which had been visited 3 or 4 previous times each. After visiting all 20 or so places, we found absolutely nobody home… except supers and neighbors who were angry we bothered them. I worked 4 or 5 more days, and was coupled with others. The cases had all been contacted 6 times or more, and there were notes in the file saying “go away and don’t come back”, “I sent mine in”, “you f**king woke me and I work nights”, “how did you get into the building”, “you guys are just ACORN or SEIU so oleave me alone”, etc., etc. We knew at the beginning of the day that our attempts were futile.

    My crew leader’s standard operating procedure was to meet between 9 and 10 AM every day at a particular place which I shall call “D”. I reported at 9AM on Monday, June 21, and nobody was there. I called my crew leader bbut was unable to get in touch with him. I went back to “D” at 7PM, also per my crew leader’s standard operating procedure, and nobody was there. I went Tuesday morning at the same time, and when I found nobody there, I was able to get in touch with my crew leader. He said the operation had been shut down, and he told people working over the weekend that it all ended Saturday or Sunday. I called the FAZ who confirmed that the operation had been closed down. I asked how I was to get paid for showing up for the Crew Leader meeting on Monday morning, Monday evening and Tuesday morning. He said I wouldn’t. After a bit of arguing, he told me to complete the 308 and get it to my crew leader for the Monday. He refused to allow me to be paid for Tuesday. I asked the FAZ why I should get the form to the Crew Leader if the Crew Leader had been shut down as well. No answer. I did get in touch with my Crew Leader. He signed my 308 for Monday and promised to get it into the system.

    My crew leader was one of the few honest, decent, stand-up guys I had met. He was organized and kept things running smoothly until the FAZ put his 2 cents in and messed everything up.

    Anyhow, last nnight at about 7PM, I got a text message from the crew leader asking if I could get my bag, badge and other material (blank forms) over to a person he named to turn it in. I don’t know how much of the stuff I didn’t throw into the trash, but since I am not getting paid for Tuesday when I went to the daily morning meeting which never took place, and since I won’t get paid for bringing the stuff over to the named person, if the Census Bureau wants it back, they can call me and make arrangements to pick it up… whatever hasn’t been thrown out.

    The government had 10 years to plan for the 2010 Census. See how they can screw it up with 10 years of work. Imagine if they planned it for 20 years.


  20. W Says:

    I don’t need confirmation of any rumors. I know what I saw and experienced personally.

    My crew Leader, the best of the best. Everything else, the worst of the worst!

  21. Just the Facts Says:

    Pranita: You need to check your sources. You published the wrong names. BTW: It is pretty easy to find your IP address and real identity.

  22. Tell it like it is Says:

    Its all probably the office staff like the FOS, OOS and Clerks who just wanted to keep the job longer…..Suppose “whistleblowers” like Lukazc, Elwin, Jeffrey, Alec, oh and probably sicky little Cheryl, who couldn’t deal with work so she resigned on her first day….She probably should have been terminated for so many days out. I wonder if her NTE was ever extended..Hhmm. This has happen at my LCO. They all are fools and ingrateful..I’m sure Ms. Bowman and Mr. Aviles looked out for all those people and more, extending them thinking they were loyal and they were slowing just pushing the knife in. So now they think they are protected. Well whos protecting the Area manager, who Im sure knew everything that was going on. Theres people that like to throw the rock, but hide the hand…Hhmmm. This is the same Area Manager I heard, begged her subordinates for cash to bail her drug trafficking lover, oh and almost killed her office clerk with diet pills purchase on govt property. Oh well this seems to be the best decennial yet. Cant wait for 2020

  23. Tell it like it is Says:

    Census enumeration finishes July 21 according to the National timeline….get rid of everyone in bklyn and bring in the swat team. Have everyone at the RCC earn there bonus this time around. I’m sure some people can use the Xtra cash (uhm, i mean certified check). All fairness to the former AMFO (Bowman) and LCOM, they were fair and treated people very nice. Its a shame there are malicious and coniving people.

  24. Enumerate this Says:

    @JustAClerk: +1

  25. 2225 Employee Says:

    As an employee of LCO 2225 (Brooklyn NE) I can address some of the issues here. Although it was reflected in the update at the top of this post, it’s important to note that former AMFO Jenny Ortiz-Bowman was let go during the first week of NRFU. LCOM Alvin Aviles, who I would not hesitate to describe as spineless, had one of the office’s regional techs ask Ms. Ortiz-Bowman for her badge instead of doing it himself. Ortiz-Bowman, who was on her third tour-of-duty, was one of the only voices of reason in the office, and without her, Aviles did whatever he could to rush the operation and cut corners.

    Sonya Merritt, who had been the AMQA (Assistant Manager for Quality Assurance) was selected as the replacement over several more qualified and knowledgeable office workers. She served as both AMFO and AMQA for a period of about two weeks, which is a giant conflict of interest, considering it is the AMQA’s job to follow-up on the quality of work led by the AMFO.

    Both Alvin and Sonya were completely incompetent in their management of the NRFU operation. Alvin refused on numerous occasions to sign off on the overtime hours that employees worked, both for field and office workers. Both Alvin and Sonya would threaten field workers to finish the job because Area Manager Darlene Lopez would e-mail them with ridiculous goals like turning in 10,000 EQs per day.

    With all the pressure from Lopez to close out the operation, they made a big push at the end and told field workers to turn in all EQs whether they were complete or not. Then, over the course of one weekend, they had clerks go in to Aviles’ office and complete EQs with the information that was on print outs from the FastData website. Most clerks and OOS refused to falsify the EQs, but some complied, leading to hundreds of EQs with fraudulent data. After being notified, officials from Census HQs came to 2225 to investigate and they rightfully fired Alvin and Sonya.

    I really cannot understand where “Tell is like it is” is coming from by calling out people in the office. Is he/she aware that what Alvin and Sonya were doing was ILLEGAL? It’s ridiculous to say the people who reported this wrong-doing are “all fools and ingrateful” [by the way, the word is ungrateful, but I suppose a sixth-grade understanding of English would be necessary to know that]. But, I suppose it’s unsurprising to see someone rush to the defense of Alvin and Sonya, considering how much cronyism and nepotism was part of their reign at 2225.

    I could honestly write a book about all the wrong-doing that happened at 2225. In interviews with news organizations, Aviles would always say how important the Census was for helping improve Brooklyn. Yet, those were empty sentiments, because he certainly did nothing to try and obtain an accurate count. I believe the Census will be better off without people like Alvin and Sonya comprising quality in order to close out as early as possible. Still, much damage has been done, and if what I’ve seen at 2225 is indicative of what’s happening at other LCOs, I truly believe this decennial Census will not only be inaccurate, but a waste of so many hard workers’ time and an even bigger waste of taxpayer’s money.

  26. Arpad Golgoth Says:

    I got a 95 on the test. The proctor seemed excited by this. They wanted me to be a supervisor. Then they told me I had a criminal record when I do not. They would not tell me what I did, or when or where I did it, just that I had to prove to them that I didn’t do it. Like the guy in the Trial by Kafka. Then I heard about about a class action suit vs. the census bureau by lots of people who had the same thing happen to them. I emailed the law firm that was handling it and sent them all the documentation in support of my story. A barely intelligible black woman called me back and asked me if I was a white man. I said yes. She said I could not be part of the suit because I was a white man and hung up. What happened to this country?

  27. My Two Census » Blog Archive » Census Bureau re-interviewing thousands of people in Brooklyn Says:

    [...] Well, folks, you heard it here first. Don’t forget that, and now hope that the New York media will pick up on the following…As usual the Census Bureau releases critical information on a Friday afternoon in the summer time hoping that the media mavens in New York are already on their way to the Hamptons and will forget about this by Monday. How much will this operation cost taxpayers? Will the fired officials be charged with crimes? Here’s a Census Bureau Press Release: [...]

  28. anonymous Says:

    Arpad, can you get a copy (must pay money) of criminal background check from your state’s bureau of investigation and the FBI? Then, contact your Senator or Representative?

  29. fed up with 2225 Says:

    2225 employee – as a fellow 2225 worker, I 100% agree with you. Everyone is focusing on the data falsification and little has been said about the horrible working conditions including the multiple labor laws Alvin and Sonya broke. The employees of 2225 have been through the ringer and are burnt out and frustrated.

    Today, the new LCOM and AMFO introduced themselves. They received 4 days of training for they’re new positions on this sinking ship. They talked about how we are behind schedule and need to get on track. They revealed no plans for how this epic task would be accomplished, speaking mostly about keeping our work areas neat and dress code (on casual Friday).

    We don’t need any more cooks, we need a recipe.

  30. anonymous Says:

    fed up with 2225, good luck to you and your co-workers. I have worked for a “sinking ship” company in the past …

  31. fed up with 2225 Says:

    Another point that has yet to be made is that many households have been visited multiple times in the last few weeks; some having up to 3 different enumerators visit them on the same day.

    People are angry and are sick of having their bells rung by census workers (especially since many places have been enumerated already). Enumerators have been screamed at and threatened by respondents to not return. Then the cases are re-assigned to someone else the very next day. I’m surprised no one has gotten hurt. I honestly think it’s just a matter of time until an enumerator gets attacked by a fed up respondent.

  32. enumerator Says:

    fed up with 2225, respondents have to me to quit sending Census people to their homes: “I am sick and tired of you Census people coming around asking questions. I’ve told you each time that I mailed my form in and I’m not answering the questions again!”. Sound familiar?

  33. know it all Says:

    @tellitlikeitis… should change your name to dont know anything…you dont have all the facts and you have the nerve to name people and you dont know nothing at all. You really went hard on those people and you are really trying to sound convincing but you are spreading a lot of rumors but truth be told you dont have a clue as to whats going on…….so stop talking because you dont know the truth about anything.

  34. CLA Dave Says:

    re: “The government had 10 years to plan for the 2010 Census. See how they can screw it up with 10 years of work.”

    Originally, enumeration was going to be done digitally. During the dress rehearsal in 2008 and AdCan in 2009 they found out the custom designed and manufactured handheld computers provided by Harris Corp were junk and they had to scramble to change back to doing it with paper and pencil. If Harris had done their job right, things might have gone more smoothly. (Apparently their contract with the Bush administration was pretty sweet, as they got paid over half a billion dollars, even though the product didn’t work.)

  35. Move On Says:

    People, unfortunately we cannot go back and re-do what was done wrong (well with the exception of the thousands of EQ’s).I think we should move forward and just let this go. C’mon, its obvious that so many peoples lives have been affected. From the people who worked on more then one tour of duty to the ones in the office now who are new to all this. Let’s move forward and pray that in the next 10 yrs improvements are made from the mistakes made this time around. Mgmt needs to focus on more training, accountability and if they do not want staff to use certain internet engines, then block them. Overall, I truly believe everyone needs to move forward. I’m sure those people that were let go are ashamed of what was done and said. I also think that the staff at that office want and need to move forward.

  36. anonymous too Says:

    When you go for the “cheapest” price, you get exactly what you pay for: contracts with Harris Corp. and Sprint. Go for quality, you have to pay more for quality — it’s the taxpayers’ money and I pay taxes, too.

  37. W Says:

    Let the omnipotent and omnipresent Obama – the great “I am” or “I will” go out and count the people by hand. If instead of expanding the constitutional requirement to obtain a head count by asking all sorts of other information, the government stuck with the address and number of people mandate, mmore mail responses woule have come in and no response follow ups would have been minimized.

  38. FED-UP Says:

    RE: MOVE ON’s comments.

    First, prayer will not fix anything, human action does. Second, the census should move on by convicting the criminals who falsified the census and abused their managerial status for their own financial gain by claiming overtime hours for themselves and thinking of their bonus.

    You sound like you want to sweep this under the rug and forget about it. Many workers were laid-off unnecessarily when there was, in fact, more work to complete.

  39. FED-UP Says:

    I completely agree with “Fed Up with 2225″.

    The data manipulation is just the tip of the iceberg. The wages and hours need to addressed. Enumerators were only allowed 25-27.5 hours, crew leaders were allowed 32-35 hours and FOSs were discouraged to go over 40, even with the pre-approved 5 overtime hours and when explanations were given for the overtime. Time sheets needed to be in by Saturday and were told different times, 5PM, 8PM, 10PM. Nothing was ever consistent. Things changed daily without much explanation except with “this is from Darlene Lopez”. Darlene Lopez needs to be investigated too.

    EQs were given back even when all six personal visits were made and respondents refused to answer the census. Dangerous situations were common but managers and supervisors ignored it and were told to continue to blitz the projects and other neighborhoods. When proxies were unavailable, direction was given to do the best we can and fill in the census ourselves.

    Admin was such a disaster that blame was handed to field. Admin continued to hire enumerators when we were nearing the completion of NRFU and when crews had too many enumerators to assign work. Anna Rodriguez said that she had to fill a quota given by Darlene Lopez. There was no organization at all. Admin packs were keyed in incorrectly, documents went missing, terminations were given without explanations, payroll was consistently wrong and had to be re-done, etc.

    The new LCO is probably a friend of someone in the census and has no plan to fix the problems. All everyone cares about in that LCO is submitting a D308 and getting paid for nothing. What a joke and really a bad image for those who try to fix the problems and issues to do the right things.

    RE: TELL LIKE IT IS: This person has the nerve to defend Alvin and call out field workers by name while she/he hides behind their computer? Alvin is a criminal and needs to be prosecuted. Just look at his pay. This person sounds like they are friends with Alvin, maybe that’s how Admin filled the manager role.

    Last, whatever happened to the guy selling census jobs in 2225? Another crook.

  40. pranita veeria Says:

    Was that the same “Ortiz-Bowman” who cursed her way through 2009 and was the subject of multiple EEO complaints?? Just asking……

  41. Jenny Ortiz-Bowman Says:

    For those of you who have written negatively about my work at 2225 as the AMFO you should not write before your brain is loaded. As the AMFO in my third tour of the Decennial, I was the only manager that was not willing to cut corners, to falsify data or misuse staff. It was and is very important that this process be done decently and in order. Those of you who know me know that I do not subject anyone to do anything that would jeopardize any operation. When I was asked for my badge in April 2010 because I would not go along with the corrupt behavior, you’d know that this would not have happened had Alvin and Sonya not put themselves first instead of the commnunities that this Census would help. I have only one regret, and that is that I was not able to finish my employ with the Census to ensure integrity be one of the main priorities during all operations. I never put myself ahead of the mission. so talk about me in a negative if you choose, but know that I did not and would not protitute the integrity of the mission.
    I sleep well at night knowing that everything I did as the AMFO at LCO2225 was done to obtain the correct information. Keep in mind that whatever the outcome from this fiasco is will sit on these communities for 10 years until the next Census. Too much nepotism, too much favors, and not enough commitment. I also want to send pranita veeria a special statement, “You should know the facts before you slander someone with your bull. There were extenuating circustances in 2009 that were unhacceptable and you shouldn’t talk what you have no clue about. If you want to continue this type of slanderous talk we can.”
    I was not the culprit here. I tried to assure that LCO2225 would finish with their heads held high but I guess that wasn’t possible since you have so many intruders telling lies and slanting the truth.
    Keep it real.
    Jenny Ortiz-Bowman, AMFO

  42. cool story bro Says:

    I can confirm everything stated by Jenny Ortiz-Bowman.

    In fact, this reminds me of this one time when me and Jenny had to enumerate Canada in a day. I said that it can’t possibly be done in a day! But Jenny just roundhouse kicked me to the face and knocked me out. I woke up two hours later, and by then, she had a precise count of every man, woman and child in Canada.

    So we rode off into the sunset. Then we had a couple of margaritas. It was a good day.

  43. Jenny Ortiz-Bowman Says:

    It is a sad state of affairs that “cool story bro” can make a joke out of something this important. You say what you will but note that the truth is always first and foremost. Make a joke of it jerk, when there are no hospitals, or shcools in your district let me hear from you then. However, I doubt that would happen since you are already in the “do-do” category, it can’t get any worse for you.

  44. 2225 Says:

    While not everyone gets along with Jenny, everyone who has worked with her knows of her commitment to the mission of the Census and that this would have never happened under her watch.

  45. anonymous Says:

    People might say a lot of things about Jenny, including that she was a bit loony…which is why everyone on her team of kookies (including me) loved her, would do anything for her, and never felt any corners were being. But one thing no one could ever say is that Jenny’s people…every crazy one of us…ever did anything dishonest. Maybe that’s eniugh evidence to prove that we WERE a bit weird. Honest? What a concept!!!

  46. anonymous Says:

    Hey 2225: ABSOLUTELY!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring her back and clean up this mess.

  47. My Two Census » Blog Archive » MyTwoCensus Editorial: Brooklyn scandal is bad for America Says:

    [...] happened last month at the Brooklyn LCO was indeed unfortunate. But let us not be naive: Data collection inaccuracies and falsifications [...]

  48. netdragger Says:

    cool story bro Says:
    June 29th, 2010 at 1:30 pm

    “Iz da mon dat voty for da money man obama. just cuz am stupid don
    meen i is dumb as a wrats azk. jenny wouldna do me so a kin slam dst
    goil all iz wants.” “peeS, my momma don hep me wif dis!”

    Yo so cool man!

  49. pranita veeria Says:

    “I sleep well at night knowing that everything I did as the AMFO at LCO2225 was done to obtain the correct information…”

    Hmmm. let’s see…terminating people to re-hire the ones you want knowing full well that you couldn’t “convert” that following proper procedure?? Did you forget those people lost paychecks because of your incompetence…. Is creating a hostile environment within your ELCO between “boats”, including profanity laden tirades, EEO issues and subjogating employees proper procedures? How about the total mishandling of the first two operations of the decennial, including such notable highlights as erroneously creating all new FOS districts, causing Washington to get involved in your office, and rushing the operations to finish “first”, with an error rate of over 35% ??? Sounds like quality to me….

    I think your sombreros are on too tight…why not join your pal Aviles on the sentencing line…