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Please excuse the pluralization of my name…hopefully it will be corrected by tomorrow…

But here we are, basking in mainstream media glory!

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  1. Anonymous Says:

    Is “dog pile” a technical term?

    So SRsM, just how does quality control work within the census operation?

  2. Anon_Census_w0rk3r Says:

    I have a few comments.
    1) If people would have just sent in the freaking mailer that the census sends out, there would be a lot less bullshit; so for all the whining people, guess what, those whiners didn’t send in their forms, included in that, a recent ex-president.

    2) Census has no power, “title 13″ claims that people are ‘required’ to answer census questions, but to what degree? What happens when these people do not? NOTHING, that is what…Census has no power to do shit. I read articles about people being threatened and hear that nothing happens to the tenants, not a fucking thing! Why? Because the Census has no power to do a fucking thing when people do not comply. Its a huge joke! Apartment owners don’t have to reveal shit to teh Census, nor do people’s neighbors.

    3) One of hte questions that have people up in arms is the lack of “RACE” for Hispanics…they typically put “white”, since that is teh closest to it…how pathetic, so is the Census tryign to eliminate Mexicans, Cubans, etc?
    Fuck the Census! What a bunch of wothless fucksticks!

  3. anonymous Says:

    I am very grateful for this My Two Census site. LCOs and RCCs do not tell us everything – especially safety, payroll, personnel issues.

    Thank you, MyTwoCensus!


  4. anonymous Says:

    I’ve been working Quality Control/Re-Interview for other crew (I don’t know any of these employees). When I verified or obtained more info from respondents, they were surprised that the previous Census worker had “assumed” what race they were. The respondent’s were quite upset about this. The actual race(s) of the individual was quite different from what was “assumed” and checked/written.

  5. Anonymous Says:

    Once again, you guys (My Two Census and those leaving comments) have totally missed what the actual problem is. The EQ asks if the respondent is Hispanic (yes, no) and if yes, the the respondent indicates Mexican, Cuban, Puerto Rican or other (and they can supply the other). But the next question is “what is your race?” and the options do not include Hispanic. Many people, especially here in NYC, consider “Hispanic” to be their race and they are deeply offended by the wording of the race question. I stopped asking that question to Hispanic people because it is not my place to tell people that they don’t know what they are.

  6. anonymous Says:

    I write down exactly what the respondent rells me.