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Rumor: Shakeup in Milwaukee?

The last rumor about a management shakeup in Brooklyn proved to be 100% true. Anyone know anything about this rumor from a Census Bureau employee in Wisconsin:

My FOS told me today that last Thursday-Friday (6-17, 18) at  the Milwaukee LCO, about 10 people were taken away in handcuffs and there is now an armed Homeland Security guard on duty at all times. My LCO supervisor has been transferred to that LCO to clean up and a new supervisor is being sent in from Chicago RCC to cover my West Allis area.

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11 Responses to “Rumor: Shakeup in Milwaukee?”

  1. anony in 'Stallis Says:

    Dunno if it was 10, but some were, yes. Unknown if charges are being brought. Milwaukee was seriously behind goal, so they brought in the West Allis LCOM and like 40 or 50 of the top Enumerators to get them back on track. We now have a pretty decent Ry as acting LCOM, but are hoping we get our top people back in time for VDC.

  2. anony in 'Stallis Says:

    Oops, Ry should read RT.

  3. anonymous Says:

    Just the tip of the iceberg – other LCOs across the U.S. are in trouble as well.

  4. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @anonymous – some details please?

  5. Bart Oquinn Says:

    Yeah anonymous, where’s some details so that Stephen can update his shrill blog. Because, you know, since his journalistic credentials aren’t bona fide enough to get free labor, shipping and printing for his pointless FOIA requests, he needs some sort of cow flop to throw on his front page.

  6. Maiasaura Says:

    They brought in many enumerators from West Allis, true–but “top”, sorry Anthony, not to dis you, but they got the leftovers who were going to be put on lack of work. This week, RCC brought back the Milwaukee LCO enums and sent the West Allis Peeps back to West Allis. My crew is the ‘fix it’ team for our LCO CLD in West Allis, and we were asked to help two CLDs last week. Now this week, the West Allis guys are back from Milwaukee and looking for work, so we have to reset yet again. Whew.

  7. Shelly Lowe, Census Says:

    It is completely false that any staff were arrested or removed in handcuffs. One manager has been out due to health reasons and another manager is filling in during his absence. Other staff were sent some time ago to this office to improve performance. The armed guard was provided for a short time as protection for our employees who were worried about their personal safety until an at-large violent criminal was apprehended recently for incidents unrelated to the Census.

  8. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Thanks for the clarification Shelly.

  9. Maiasaura Says:

    RE: Shelly
    Huh? The performance of Milwaukee LCO was worse tan ‘poor’. It was 20-25% below expectations. And while the Milwaukee LCO district is considered to be a ‘bad neighborhood’ the LCO office at Old World 3rd Street is not a ‘bad’ area and a Homeland Security guard was more than required in the neighborhood of expensive lofts near the downtown area.

    Shelly, I’ve seen your posts before, and I have to wonder–are you a paid PR person for the census bureau?


  10. Anonymous Says:

    Re: Maiasaura
    I’ve read her too…she knows what she is talking about.

  11. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    Yes, Shelly works in Washington in the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office.