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Not how you want to start your holiday weekend…Bedbugs infest LCO 2226 in Brooklyn

Subject: Bed bugs at LCO 2226

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The bed bugs are not just in the admin area of the LCO 2226 office. They are all over.  Someone in the IT room was napping (when working the night shift) and woke up with their stomach all eaten up.

One worker ended up bringing them home and the office won’t pay to deal with the employees home infestation.

No one wants to go to the office anymore to work because they don’t want to get bed bugs. ¬†Its awful.

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11 Responses to “Not how you want to start your holiday weekend…Bedbugs infest LCO 2226 in Brooklyn”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    This story doesn’t even pass the Brawny paper towel test.

  2. QC CL Says:

    Could they be paper mites? Our LCO had to be sprayed for what the exterminator said was paper mites. Several people were bitten. Makes sense with all the paper floating around the LCOs.

  3. anonymous Says:

    the exterminator is scheduled for 3pm on Thursday. so does that mean that on Friday there will be reports of sickened workers due to the chemical odors or jusrt lots of dead bugs. nop one could possibly be creative enough to make up the stuff that’s reported here every day. and all this for only $15 billion!

  4. anonymous1 Says:

    LCO 2223 is also infested

  5. pranita veeria Says:

    Hey wait a sec……didn’t Aviles LCOM 2226 before 2225 ??? Why didn’t they follow him there ???? LOL

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Is LCOM a verb? Someone investigate for me.

  7. Just the Facts Says:

    Yes, its really awful. They found a total of 6 bed bugs in one year, and have been spraying every other week. Could it be that the city of New York is experiencing a bed bug epidemic, and with over 200 people riding the subway to the office and riding the elevators in a busy public building that sees many more hundreds of visitors each week–that this was unavoidable? OR, is it a liberal conspiracy to deflect attention from the LCO’s real mission to count “brown” people and other undesirables?

  8. DairylandCL Says:

    I just saw on MSNBC that an Abercrombie store in NY had to shut down for bedbugs too. We only have ticks and skeeters in Northern Wisconsin.

  9. pranita veeria Says:

    Maybe they were left over from Ortiz-Bowman’s hats

  10. Anon Says:

    I worked for 2227; that was a good LCO.

  11. moving on without grace Says:

    Anon…the Early-LCOM made it good one, regardless of what has been said and done!