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Undercounting AND a lower participation rate?

We have already addressed concerns of under-counting in the state of Texas.  News 8 in Austin is reporting that Texas has an average response rate that is 3 points below the national average.

“According to bureau officials, Texas has an overall lower participation rate than 2000. The census bureau office reported a 72 percent average participation rate across the nation, but only a 69 percent participation rate in Texas.”

It will be interesting to find out how much federal money Texas will loose because of their reduced response rate and undercounting.

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13 Responses to “Undercounting AND a lower participation rate?”

  1. enumerator Says:

    Of course there’s an undercount in Texas and the other 49 states! Once more, we are being micro-managed by LCO, CL, CLA, and former CL who now work as enumerators for VDC operations. Instructions change daily and hourly. Enumerators have stopped going to daily crew meetings.

  2. Former CL Says:

    And of course any undercount in Texas that results in any loss of money will be…. ” Obama`s Fault” and was well planned out by Obama and the Democrats intentionally doing it and why the Republicans “need to take back america so ACORN cant screw Texas again”. I hate to come off as bitter and angry, but having worked this Census in Texas I have some frustrations to get off my chest from the verbal abuse I recieved from the collection of people that: Didnt trust the govt, hated the govt, blamed everything on the govt, wanted the govt “off their backs”, called be “lazy” for working for the census, called the census a waste, didnt want to be botherd, never returned their forms, didnt want to answer NRFU questions,…. PHUCK TEXAS! That state deserves anything and everything it loses. We should kick that state out and give it back to Mexico and make this world a better place. I feel better now. :)

  3. Jake in Texas Says:

    How do they arrive at this bit of news?

    The census bureau office reported a 72 percent average participation rate across the nation, but only a 69 percent participation rate in Texas.”

  4. Former CL Says:

    That was the mailback rate of forms mailed to households and those left during the UL operations. The ones not mailed back ( or in time ) were supposed to have been visited during NRFU. Can you trust this number? I have my doubts… I had forms mailed to me and left on my doorstep by an UL enumerator… I mailed them both back to ensure I didnt see a NRFU enumerator and have to deal with all that and a potential RI as well. I`m glad I did because as a NRFU CL I had to deal with p*ssed off people time and time again because they had “mailed back” their forms. Digging deeper into the issue I found that my area had apparently hit twice with mailout & UL. Those that only mailed one of the forms back got hit again in NRFU due to the system thinking it was a nonresponce.

  5. Current CLA Says:

    Smoke and mirrors. The current NRFU VDC op is a hot mess!

  6. pranita veeria Says:

    Can they blame Texas on Aviles too ??

  7. Pablo S. Says:

    @Former CL … No doubt there were reluctant respondents when enums have attitudes like yours.
    What we observed was that the most efficient enums were those with a pleasant and positive demeanor, sensitive to the concerns of people they were trying to enumerate.

  8. RoDist Says:

    “It will be interesting to find out how much federal money Texas will loose because of their reduced response rate and undercounting.”

    Why do you think the reduced RR or even PR will result in loss of federal money. The citizens who slam doors in Enumerators faces and did not return their forms will result in the loss of federal money. They just hurt themselves. But, a Texas public school text will just say it was Obama’s fault.

  9. Former CL Says:

    @ Pablo… You dont know me… just like I dont know you. If you chose to make that decision based on a post where I unleashed 6 months of pent up verbal abuse recieved from backwoods ” Texas Idiots” then that is your choice. The fact that my crews always finished first combined with the fact at no time a single one quit, nobody was hurt, or got termed is all that matters to me. I`d take all the crew members assigned to me over any others. Last week my former LCOM nominated me for consideration for a spot in the RCC on a permanent postion… Did yours? To me, the fact that Texas stands to lose millions because so many of its residents felt the census was optional because some political pundit told them ” Obama and the big bad government was out to get them “- and made this job much harder than it should have been proves that fact that whomever laughs last…. laughs best.

  10. Pablo S. Says:

    @Former CL…To answer your question…I doubt my former LCOM even knows you, but I also doubt s/he would promulgate that type of vile, pent-up anger. Just what the gov’t doesn’t need…more bigoted mentality.
    Of course, if s/he shares the angry, bigoted perspective ebullient in the earlier post, then I wouldn’t be surprised at the consideration.
    Anyway, we do agree that you “come off as bitter and angry.”


  11. TXlcom Says:

    Simple solution for determining the Hispanic population that isn’t being counted in Texas.

    For every man,woman,and child in Texas whether Anglo or Hispanic…add ten Mexicans and your final count will be pretty close, +/- 2.

  12. VIVA! meh_he_ko!!! Says:

    census???? we don neeed no steekin census!!!!

  13. Ch Census Says:

    Former CL: If your Lowcom recommended you for RCC you REALLY had your nose where the sun don’t shine! Do not say you are on the side of the President as it shows you’re an idiot with an agenda. Saying that Texans will blame the current Administration, (instead of Tom Delay’s tricks), shows that you are against the truth. Crawl back inside the Lowcom’s butt!