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The EEO data I have been waiting for has arrived…

Thanks to Michael Cook of the Census Bureau’s Public Information Office, I was able to obtain the most up-to-date data on EEO complaints. I have been waiting for the Census Bureau to get me this data for a long time now, and I’m glad that it’s here. As you will see, the number of complaints related to the decennial census is quite large. If you filed a complaint, please comment here about how the process has turned out for you and what your experience has been like:

Decennial NO FEAR Act data for 2009 and the first two quarters of 2010

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28 Responses to “The EEO data I have been waiting for has arrived…”

  1. anonymous Says:

    Thank you Stephen and MyTwoCensus Professional Journalists. As expected, governmental work takes time.

  2. Solong Census Says:

    These stats are more believable than the ones they gave you before. When the Census Burro comes clean, rather than trying to cover up, they become more believable and worthy of respect. The Census Burro needs to believe in transparency in government and have ethics. The Census Burro is “the” nation’s statistical resource and, if we can’t beleive in the stats they give us when an inquiry is made, then all of their stats are questionable. The Census Burro, and yes, I am calling it “burro instead of bureau”, needs to stop treating the public like we are stupid. When they change their ways, especially in the decennial operation, to become transparent and ethical then, the agency will become less akin to the burro and more like a respectable keeper of our nation’s statistical resource. Thanks for giving us something that appears believable.

  3. GSoule Says:

    Am I reading this correctly? There were only 328 complaints for all of 2010 so far?

    That seems low considering they were paying something like 585,000 temporary workers at one time.

  4. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    We have had numerous reports come in that informed us that many complaints were suppressed at the local level by LCO managers, or people were simply fired before they could go through with the request process. Anyone care to comment on this?

  5. anonymous Says:

    Many people did not formally complain because they did not want to lose their jobs (even a temporary one) in this recession.

  6. Bob Says:

    How do you file a NO FEAR complaint?

  7. anonymous Says:

    “”"We have had numerous reports come in that informed us that many complaints were suppressed at the local level by LCO managers, or people were simply fired before they could go through with the request process. Anyone care to comment on this?”"”

    Once my ex lcom find out you will make a cpmplaint- you get fired by cause or will not extend your NTE date. Happens all the time. I wish that the OIG and OSC could research all terminated by cause to see how many are true…
    This is true the EEO at the local RCC will say oh, this is not a form of…. you can file with, OSC or OIG. I filed a grievance based on retalition, then waited no response, EEO told me to file an formal complaint.My LCOM rules by threats, and the area manager does nothing. As the other person stated times are hard and people can not afford to lose their jobs.

  8. No Sense Census Says:

    LCOM’s are in their own little world with office workers that are promised extensions of employment if they tow the line or firing if they don’t.

  9. EveryoneCounts Says:

    “We have had numerous reports come in that informed us that many complaints were suppressed at the local level by LCO managers, or people were simply fired before they could go through with the request process.”

    Ever think that those “numerous” reports might have come from one or two people? Don’t tell me you believed them without looking into it.

  10. Senseless Says:

    Thank you Stephen. I know this is a widespread problem. There were at 8 – 10 going on all at once in one LCO. Everyone was told that it was being investigated. We were even told that an investigator was being sent out to the LCO to deal with all the cases at once. What a surprise all the cases disappeared without anyone ever speaking to witnesses.

  11. Insider Says:

    I know of one VERY valid complaint filed in Oct 2009 (backed up by hardcopy email evidence). The Census EEO has stalled since April 2010 (i.e. “we’re investigating”, “need more info”, “make a settlement offer amount”, etc. Now they want to offer a $500 settlement when they’re as guilty as hell. (By “they’re” I mean the Area Manager and AMFO.)

    The EEO laws apparently do not apply in ELCO 2416.

  12. GoCensus2010 Says:

    As a census assistant manager for an office, I can honestly say we only had one EEO compliant come through our office and it is being handled by the RCC very well. I truly think that the experiences vary from region to region. I do not doubt that there will be more EEO compliants coming through or that things were handled incorrectly in other offices but I completely stand behind my region that we had an excellent staff at the RCC level and especially at my particular LCO.

  13. Non-believer Says:

    Four days ago, LCO told us our work was 33% complete. Yesterday, LCO told us we are 98% complete. No one believes their statistics. We are finished with NRFU VDC.

  14. PoP Census Says:

    What exactly is an SF-8

  15. Insider Says:

    An SF-8 is the document you are supposed to receive when you get terminated and receive your last SF-50. It has a code on it that is needed by your local unemployment agency for you to get your unemployment compensation.

  16. Tammy Meyer Says:

    The problem with EEO complaints is that the census jobs are, “temporary and intermittent”. Without concrete proof of situations and because workers have a temp status, it makes it next to impossible to prove EEO and many complaints are indeed extinguished early-on.

  17. Dorothy Young Says:

    I was fired on Friday, July 23 @ about 7:50 pm, not by my CL, but by another CL, saying that I went over my hours, turn in my stuff and bag and that he’s only the messenger of bad news. So I went home and pulled out my time sheets and found on 7/15 I had the hours from 9:45 am to 2:45pm and 3:45 pm to 8:15pm, I put Total Hours worked 9.25, I was unaware that I added wrong and miscalculated my time by 15 minutes.

    Also by the same token, I am a witness to this lady in my group, she told me out of her mouth that on Monday, (7/12) she was told they would fire her because she went over (5)hours, the next day she said the person over the CL told her to redo time sheet and to put on for this week (week of the 18th). Isn’t this a double standard, fafsifying time, and discriminnation? She’s white, I am black.

    Can some please help me with advice on what to do?

  18. L. O. Says:

    I cannot give you my name as it will probably result in my termination. That being siad you probably figured I work for the census. I was a crew leader then demoted to enumerator for the NRFU VDC, which (because of the ludicrous “micro-stupidity” management) I am thrilled. But my complaint is the unfair treatment and daily threats of terminations given to us by our CL’s and especially our FOS. She has yet to fire a crew leader (who is also a yes man) who okayed falsifying of the EQ’s to his enumerators and she has yet to be fired for doing so as well. When the whole time training it was drilled inot our brain the falsifying of EQ data was a serious aand terminatable offense. Well well well…. no one has yet to be reprimanded yet. The other complaint is that there are no people of color working for our county, there were two, and it was somehow a little strange that they were both fired before the second week of NRFU. Another complaint is the daily threat of termination if we don’t work. Most of our enumeratora are retirees and the heat index here in Indiana has been over a hundred degrees every day for almost two weeks. That kind of heat an older person cannot take yet they arte being “forced” to work because the LCO and our FOS are threatening us almost every day for production. When did the Census become the Gestapo?????

  19. Tammy Meyer Says:


    Unfortunately there isn’t anything you can do. In my office (I was an AMA) if we saw this in the office (and we did) we would follow-up with the CL to find out if it was a clerical error because 99.9% of the time it is.

    Even if someone DID work 15 mins of OT they’re not going to put it down because they know it means their job – it’s preached to them.

    Problem in your case is that you DID make an error, even though it was an honest mistake in calculations, it shows on paper that you worked OT and that’s not allowed. I think it’s completely BS because EVERYONE makes mistakes, but God forbid if you work OT even if it’s EXTREMELY OBVIOUS that you made an error in your calculations. Sorry.

    You still can collect unemployment even if you were fired though. The census isn’t turning away any applications for it.

  20. Tammy Meyer Says:


    I can’t answer as to why the two people of color were fired but you mentioned that only two worked for your county. While I agree that isn’t equal representation there is a lot more at work here.

    Getting hired for census work is based on location, language and test score.

    For example: If you’re pulling a job cert in a specific zip code, non language specific, you’ll get a cert that prints out a list of potential employees based on test scores with 10 pt veterans topping that list. 10 pt veterans MUST be offered the job first, no matter what, after that it is based on the scores.

    Statistically whites are ahead in terms of their access to education (among other things), which makes it reasonable to say that unfortunately, more whites will score higher on the census test than non-whites.

    I was an AMA in a very diverse area, namely Hispanic. We would run language specific certs for certain zip codes and get nobody. As soon as we dropped the language requirement from the cert we’d get a bunch of people…problem was they didn’t speak Spanish.

    So we’d run another cert and modify the test score requirement (AMA’s and OOS’s have that access). We would drop the score and eventually find someone, but sometimes these scores would be extremely low. It could be because the person doesn’t speak English well or it could be because they haven’t been fortunate enough to receive an adequate education. Regardless, it becomes a question of what is best, a Spanish speaker or somebody who is going to be able to understand the training and job well enough to do it?

    There is a possibility that other factors, such as education, played a part in why more colored people didn’t get hired as often. Sucks, but that’s why it’s important for people to be active in positive change, especially in those areas that need it the most. You’re obviously not going to get that from the “high society” in America, but you can slowly make changes by infiltrating the system and “beating the system from within the system.”

  21. reply Says:

    Its a temporary Job. lol…
    i even feel entitled to keep working…

  22. Dorothy Says:

    Document. document. document.
    Its like the fine print on a credit card.
    That holds true for any job.

  23. Shirley Says:

    Am I hearing right that you were told never to work more than 8 hours in one day or it would be considered overtime? We were told never to work more than 40 hours in one week. We could work as many hours in one day as we wanted, as long as we NEVER put down more than 40 hours a week.
    I know that there were times in NRFU that the CLAs took over a lot of the CL’s duties because she had already worked 40 hours in a week.

  24. me me Says:

    Dorothy, if they changed your 9.25 to 9.5 and did not inform you, you can appeal that. I would grieve it.

  25. me me Says:

    Do you have to use a lawyer to file a formal EEO complaint? Anybody know?

  26. Tammy Meyer Says:

    me me: No you do not. Follow the instructions in the employee handbook. You can also call your LCO for the number to call to file. They can give it to you if you don’t have your manual.

  27. me me Says:

    I’ve gone through the informal process, but just wanted to know if someone can successfully navigate the formal process sans formal legal help. I’ll give it a shot. Thanks.

  28. Former Asst. AMFO Says:

    In my area I was told by my AMFO that the area manager only hired older men for the LCOM positions. The LCOM told everyone that at his interview he and the area manager didn’t talk about the job at all they spent two hours talking about family. I am curious to know how many LCOM’s were men over the age of 50. Does anyone know how I would gather information about how many men vs women applied for the LCOM positions and how many men VS women were given interviews and how man men vs women were hired as LCOM’s. If you know please tell me the area you worked in and if your LCOM was male or female and an approx age if you know.

    In my area of the 6 offices all six had men over the age of 50 as the LCOM, these men were all hired by the area manager.