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Formerly the non-partisan watchdog of the 2010 US Census, and currently an opinion blog that covers all things political, media, foreign policy, globalization, and culture…but sometimes returning to its census/demographics roots.

The next phase of

Update: To any former Census Bureau employees who may be interested in working on, I am aware that a misleading gag order was sent to many of you with your final paycheck that addressed the issues of social media and blogging. However, so long as you are not revealing Title 13 information, you are free to blog as you wish. Steve Jost of the Census Bureau commented on another Census worker’s blog, “…Upon reading it I went right to the Chief Information Officer to find if the Census Bureau has “shut down” a blog or website and he reported “none”. At it’s worst, our information technology protections might block Census staff from visiting websites identified has having malware or threats, but never shut down a site like yours. So, please keep on blogging.” So, follow his advice, and keep on blogging!

(Here’s what a 2010 Census gag order looks like)

To the readers of

As the operations of the 2010 US Census wind down, the activities of will follow suit. As of this week, there will no longer be daily updates on this site, but when there is news, information, or investigations regarding the 2010 Census or the Census Bureau, you should continue to look here for information. If readers want to suggest future topics for me to write about or investigate, please contact me without hesitation.

(That said, if anyone out there wishes to take over this blog and update it daily or multiple times per week, I would be glad to hand over/share the reins! Please get in touch as I am happy to bring some fresh talent and watchful eyes aboard.)

This blog started from humble beginnings in San Francisco in early February 2009. In its first weeks, received great recognition from Ed O’Keefe of The Washington Post and David Weir from BNet, which surely kept it chugging along.

The Census Bureau’s Public Information Office (Stephen Buckner in particular during those early days) fielded many questions from me and provided this fledgling news organization with invaluable information and clarifications.

From June 2009-June 2010, MyTwoCensus was funded by a generous grant from The Phillips Foundation. Despite critics of this blog decrying The Phillips Foundation as a “conservative” organization, it is 100% true that nobody other than I, Stephen Robert Morse, had any control over the editorial content of this blog (with the exception of some great interns who provided excellent commentary and news when I was on vacation). In fact, the Phillips Foundation’s hands-off approach is what led MyTwoCensus to experiment with different styles of reportage.

And, perhaps most of all, the site would not have been possible without the dedication and expertise of Evan Goldin,’s Chief Technology Officer, who has been constantly tweaking and improving this site. Any blogger would be lucky to have a guy like Evan as a dear friend and colleague.

As readers, you have been an extremely insightful bunch. You have directed me down the path to investigate many aspects of 2010 Census operations that would otherwise never have been covered or discussed by the media. I am proud to say that more than one million unique visitors have come to as a source of information since we started tracking analaytics.

The 2010 Census is not yet over. Some time before December 31, 2010, the results of the 2010 Census will be made public, which will initiate a major scramble for power. With redistricting, Congressional reapportionment, and gerrymandering arriving after the new year, there will surely be a wealth of information to gather and report. (If any readers are interested in collaborating on watchdog or reporting efforts surrounding these activities, please let me know.)

The MyTwoCensus Community forum (located on the upper right portion of the page) will remain open indefinitely for readers to share their comments and opinions.

Best regards,

Stephen Robert Morse

PS – To any media/non-profit/corporate organizations or individuals seeking comments or appearances related to or the 2010 Census, feel free to contact me.

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  1. Thesis 1.8 Final Developer Version free download Says:

    [...] My Two Census » Blog Archive » The next phase of [...]

  2. anonymous Says:

    Thank you, Stephen. Wishing you well and know you’ll go far in life! :D

  3. i'm just thinking here Says:

    If somebody else takes over the site, it would be a nice change of pace for them not to assume every negative thing said about the census is true unless overwhelmingly proven false and every positive thing is false despite overwhelming commentary and evidence that it is true.

    Another thought, MTC investigations should be more that just posts with the word “investigation” in the title; like maybe MTC investigations could be the result of some actual investigation and be willing to answer basic questions about the investigation.

    Anyway, just a thought

  4. famosus libellus Says:

    Mr. Morse, I don’t see anything wrong with the notice issued to employees. Similar statements are common in both public and private sectors, written as conditions of employment.

    Please describe how is it misleading and then describe what the consequences might be if someone were to expose sensitive non-public information to the wrong people (and I’m not talking about personal responsibility, liability, etc).

    Enumerate this – Google is your friend.

  5. famosus libellus Says:

    Forgot to add: Agreeing to confidentiality is part of the blanket agreement to provide services in exchange for fees and benefits (such as health insurance and time off). Confidentiality is important to sustaining not only the hiring entity, but also the reputation of the employed. Without agreements, the trust relationship is broken.

  6. Stephen Robert Morse Says:

    @famosus – nobody ever said there was anything wrong with this. i simply wanted to warn ex-employees who may have feared the consequences of blogging. SRM

    PS – Please note that I have closed comments on this post. Feel free to e-mail me if you would like more information.