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2010 Census news roundup…

Hi everyone, it’s been a long time. Unfortunately, life has made it such that isn’t my #1 priority at this moment, but that doesn’t mean that the impact of the 2010 Census is any less pertinent. In fact, there has been tons of news lately about the 2010 Census. Some key stories that I’ve been following:

1.  As I would have predicted, specifically in the case of New York, where I identified myriad problems with 2010 Census operations, the city is disputing its 2010 Census numbers as it will likely be missing out on a ton of federal funding ($3,000 per resident not counted per year). Here’s some info.

2. Despite its inflated advertising budget (don’t forget that bomb of a Super Bowl ad), the Census Bureau’s 2010 Census ad campaign is winning awards…but again, these are industry awards created by the industry, for the industry, so don’t take them too seriously. When you compare the amount of ad dollars spent in 2000 vs. 2010 to the participation rates, it is clear that 2000 was a better performance proportionally.

3. This shouldn’t be a major shock, but America’s demographics are  CHANGING. While the surge of Hispanics was expected, people didn’t expect the number of Asians in America to be growing so quickly. Here’s some info.

4. Minorities are moving to the suburbs and whites are moving to the cities, reversing trends that started in the post-war era. This is very interesting.

5. The GOP’s (Republican Party) success in the 2010 Elections may translate to redistricting success. Here’s a look at how the GOP won big in the 2010 Census.

On a more positive note, I have become quite interested in genealogy in recent months and I can tell you that US Census records have been invaluable in tracing my family’s history. In this sense, I am quite happy and proud that my family participated in the 2010 Census, because maybe, long after I’m gone, a future generation will be able to access information and learn about life in the year 2010.

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3 Responses to “2010 Census news roundup…”

  1. Current Resident Says:

    You’ve missed all the enumerator bag sales in the de facto hiatus, too. The MTC domain was dead for something like three weeks. If you’re to be an absentee landlord, either give the site a proper burial or hand the keys to someone who can maintain it.

  2. george wilberg Says:

    Contrary to what some people think the Department of Commerce is moving ahead with some well documented cases of discrimination and wrongful terminations. Hopefully my case will lead the way for changes in both how the Census is conducted as well as how well management will lead by example and treat employees as they should per the employees handbook. Will keep everyone posted within the confidentiality confines of this particular case. Time will tell as it will for all of us.

  3. george wilberg Says:

    Current resident has some anger management problems. A “ton” of effort was put into this site. After all the Census is only every ten years. Without much more input or interest just like a new TV show with low ratings it will fade away without much fanfare. Personally I wish that Detroit 1-8-7 was not dropped from the 2011 lineup. That aside let us see if some landmark pilot suits against the Department of Commerce that oversees the Census will bring results. Will update this site when I find out more from my case currently under review.