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Updates from Censusland

It’s been a while. But a Tweet from a former 2010 Census employee made me nostalgic for this project, so I figured that I’d provide some 2010 Census news for the MyTwoCensus Faithful. In the past month, the Census Bureau has released some interesting information about national home ownership rates, America’s population growth by race (highlighting the growth of Hispanic and black populations), and estimates of the number of same-sex married couples. To the readers out there: Do you have any lingering questions about the 2010 Census? If so, I’m happy to put in some time to answer them.

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4 Responses to “Updates from Censusland”

  1. Kyle G Says:

    I’m curious how the Census Bureau will learn from its mistakes this go-round.

    What are the odds we’ll have working hand-held devices for the 2020 Census?

  2. Anon Says:

    They did a good job capturing the count, didn’t they?

  3. Joseph Dodge Says:

    Not to beat a dead horse but I’d like to know how the alleged perpetrators in this piece were actually full time career employees and promoted?

  4. HermHollerith Says:

    Are you sure they were full time career at the time the alleged acts were committed?