My Two Census

Formerly the non-partisan watchdog of the 2010 US Census, and currently an opinion blog that covers all things political, media, foreign policy, globalization, and culture…but sometimes returning to its census/demographics roots.

Revival, Revival: is coming back to life in a new form

I have decided to revive as an opinion blog. Originally born out of frustration with the 2010 US Census and the lack of media coverage about this important issue, I feel that society is being failed by our most popular and widely-read cultural commentators.

The journalism “crisis” of the Internet era is partly to blame, but I feel that herd mentality among news organizations and their employees who set the media agenda is preventing more substantial dialogues from taking place. One need only look to the Twittersphere: Rather than offering individual commentaries, the simple act of pressing the Re-Tweet button presents one view over and over again…and news organizations who derive income from per-hit advertising continue to live only when their Tweets spread like wildfire.

My targets for criticism will include politicians, media, society, pop culture, and more, in both the US and abroad. Having been based primarily in Europe since 2009, I have the unique ability to look at both America and Europe as from insider and outsider perspectives. Guest contributions and critiques of my writing are welcomed with open arms.

With Christopher Hitchens making his last hurrah, and Thomas Friedman’s words falling short when it comes to turning them into public policy, a new generation of thinkers – dare I say “public intellectuals” – must have their voices heard. Any topic is fair game, and I welcome your suggestions as to topics to cover.

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3 Responses to “Revival, Revival: is coming back to life in a new form”

  1. Gregory H. Stephens Says:

    Morse: you had your moment in the sun and got your Wikipedia page. It’d November 2011 and nobody cares about you anymore. Deal.

  2. anon2 Says:

    “My targets for criticism will include politicians, media, society, pop culture, and more, in both the US and abroad.”

    Everyone but yourself and Republicans. Got it.

  3. George Wilberg Says:

    Personally I think that Mr. Morse has not yet had his day in the sun. That is just around the corner. Now that the bureaucrats in Washington, DC have been burned about the dysfunctional 2010 Census they have to a small measure taken some advise from sites such as MyTwoCensus and have streamlined state regional offices such as the elimination of the Charlotte, NC office which quite simply speaking an underachiever. Some people will prosper and ride an ascending star-such is the case in my opinion of this gentleman who started MyTwoCensus. My hat goes off to Mr. Morse as he has started a great “grass roots” movement against the cronyism and inefficiency of big government through the Department of Commerce along with their child Bureau of the Census. For Stephen Morse I say “Well Done!” Yes “Well Done!”